Research Succeses
AFRIMS has a proud history preventing, identifying and treating infectious disease. With over 60 years of experience, its research is geared towards product development.

  • Designated as a WHO Collaborating Centre, serving as an international diagnostic reference laboratory while providing training on emerging infectious disease response and outbreak investigation  
  • Evaluated BinaxNOW™ rapid diagnostic kit for malaria
  • Currently in advanced development of leishmaniasis rapid diagnostic kit
  • Developed an antibody capture ELISA for viruses employed at laboratories around the world
  • Contributed to the FDA-approval of nearly every anti-malarial drug from chloroquine to atovaquone/proguanil
  • Explored the potential of anti-malarial drug resistance and delayed cure in Southeast Asia and the impact on force readiness
  • Exploring foreign military contributions to malaria transmission and harnessing the same to support malaria elimination and research and development initiatives
  • Focused on the research and development of vaccine candidates to combat  threats like diarrheal diseases, dengue and other hemorrhagic fevers, scrub typhus, malaria and HIV
  • Developing safe, efficacious vaccines reduces emergence of drug resistance and improves global health by preventing major infectious diseases
  • Contributed to FDA-licensed vaccines against diseases like Japanese encephalitis, hepatitis A and B, oral live typhoid, meningococcus, adenovirus and dengue