Biosafety and Biosecurity Oversight and Consultations

AFRIMS biosafety and biosecurity staff protect the AFRIMS workforce from adverse health effects in the workplace and ensures that operations with biological agents are conducted in a safe and secure manner which protects employees, the public and the environment from hazards and disease processes. This work has yielded the following accreditations for AFRIMS:

  • U.S. Army accreditation for biosafety level-3 laboratories
  • National Science Foundation accreditation of three individuals as biosafety cabinet field certifiers
  • AAALAC International accreditation for animal research
  • Thai Ministry of Public Health certification to conduct biosafety training and certification
Biosafety and biosecurity sites across the entire AFRIMS footprint work closely with U.S. and host-nation partners to provide safety, biosafety (including biosafety cabinet certification) and occupational health lectures and trainings in accordance with American, host-nation and international regulations through Southeast Asia to ensure the safe and secure handling of infectious agent and toxins.

As experts on laboratory safety, biosafety and biosecurity, AFRIMS staff also serve as:
  • Consultants with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other biomedical research institutions to improve safety and biosafety programs
  • Biosafety Association Thailand committee members to develop national biosafety and biosecurity legislation
    • AFRIMS staff assisted in the creation of the Biosafety and Biosecurity for Medical and Animal Laboratory Handbook (Thai version for Thai people) and provide annual training at the BAT conference
  • Thailand Pathogens and Animal Toxins/Standards committee members to develop biosafety and biosecurity regulations
Partnerships and Collaborations:
This capability works with partners across Southeast Asia and around the world including partner militaries, U.S. government and DOD agencies, non- and intergovernmental organizations, academic universities and industry laboratories. 
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