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FACTSHEET | April 14, 2021


Zoonoses are pathogens that jump from animals to humans. These diseases particularly relevant to areas where humans are frequently in contact with animals, particularly those that were previously undisturbed. Zoonotic diseases are particularly relevant to Soldiers from home station to dense, urban or subterranean environments, where they can come into contact with endemic diseases like multidrug-resistant bacteria as well as emerging infections like COVID-19 or Ebola. Furthermore, they significantly impact food security, the environment and more, threatening global health and stability. The growing focus on zoonotic disease is part of One Health, a transdisciplinary, multisectoral approach to optimizing health that recognizes the interrelatedness of human health, animal health and the environment. AFRIMS surveils zoonotic diseases among animal populations to inform countermeasure development efforts across Southeast Asia. 

The primary department at AFRIMS involved with this research is Veterinary MedicineClick here to partner with us.